I thank Sara very much for her timely translation and effort. I am very pleased with the outcome!
Lysann B., Senior Italian Translator, Future Publishing


Bici Fit (Ride Fit in English) aims to be an essential guide to improve cycling health and fitness, whatever the level of fitness. It mainly features the best tips for training and recovering, the diagnoses of several cycling related aches and pains and how to deal with them through a wide choice of massages and workouts, the ways to keep nutrition up by means of recovery dishes, energy drinks and nutrient essentials.

Given the varied nature of the content, localisation needs to be accurate, informative and yet friendly, ensuring that the content is adapted to the Italian market and holds correct prices, product names, descriptions and release dates for new launches.

To ask for more speed and power from your muscles means relying on your glycogen stores. Fat provides 300-400 calories per hour of riding at about 65-80% max heart rate; glycogen can provide over 1000 calories at the same pace. Ensure you’ve loaded up your carb stores in the two days prior to a sportive so that your muscle glycogen stores are at maximum capacity.

Se richiedete più velocità e potenza dai muscoli, dovete affidarvi alle vostre riserve di glicogeno. I grassi forniscono 300-400 calorie all’ora mentre il glicogeno più di 1000 calorie all’ora pedalando a circa 65-80% della frequenza cardiaca massima. Assicuratevi di aver fatto il pieno di carboidrati nei due giorni precedenti ad una granfondo in modo che le riserve di glicogeno siano al massimo.

In addition to this, there is another feature to keep in careful consideration when localising articles. Titles, of course. They represent magazines’ and bookazines’ most eye-catching part, their brilliant hook; they need to be simple but incisive and this often involves the development of new content rather than a direct translation.

Get app & go -> Pronti, app, via!
Map out your success -> La strada per il successo
Six top winter workouts -> I magnifici sei della resistenza

Last but not least, I also had the chance to apply my editorial and copy-writing skills writing a couple of articles to substitute the original ones when they were too specific for the UK market. In that case I liaised with the editorial team to develop contents which would garner the interest of Italian cyclists.