Sara has been delivering high-quality work for over four years now. She cares very much about the final result not only when she is translating, but especially when she is proofreading, enhancing the text even more.
Vojtech S., Associate Producer, Bohemia Interactive

Arma III, or Arma 3, is a military videogame for PC. In this first-person shooter developed by Bohemia Interactive, the player engages in a large-scale tactical war set in 2035 in the enormous battlefields of two fiction Mediterranean islands, using a wide range of realistic military weaponry and vehicles.

Unlike other similar combat simulator games, Arma 3 has peculiar mechanics that allow the player to use almost the full keyboard to perform actions, such as using objects and issuing orders to the squad. Moreover, the player can prioritise mobility over protection and supplies in order to increase the sprint and reduce the weapon sway.

Needless to say, these and other game features needed to be translated in Arma 3 and their DLCs using clear and concise language and consistent terminology. It has been essential to produce a translation with a single invariant reading and being faithful to the use of specific technical terms.
On top of that, it has been indispensable working with placeholders, variables and codes. Depending on the instructions received and their actual use in the text strings, I have kept them, replaced them with other text, or changed their order because of Italian’s different sentence structure to that of the English one.

During my proofreading tasks, I have made sure to check the strings for correct grammar, spelling, general style, and word order. Furthermore, special attention has been paid to abbreviations, in-game terms, product and company names, codenames.