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I provide English into Italian translations for video games and websites, print and digital media, and legal industries.



Have a look at my portfolio of Italian translation and localisation projects to get an example of my translation skills and specialties.


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Professional translation from English to Italian!

My Clients

English into Italian Translation

I am a native Italian speaker and a dedicated professional translator holding a Master’s Degree in Translation and a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Translation. Passionate about tech and video games, I provide a broad spectrum of translation and localisation services from English to Italian and vice versa.

Italian Video Game Localisation

Thanks to my solid gaming and translation experience localising video games for prestigious video game developers and major platforms including Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, iOS, and Android, I provide interface and in-game texts, marketing and promotional material translation of a wide range of video game genres. I also provide translations for VR games.

Italian Localisation for Websites and Print Media

Italian localisation of websites and print media is another strong point. Client work to date includes website, magazine, and press release translations on cycling and other sports products; outdoor gear; health & medicine, and fitness & training for major international media groups and publishers, high end outdoor gear manufacturers, bike e-shops, and also movie, TV and celebrity content.

App & Software Localisation

Due to my strong interest in technology, I provide Italian app and software localisation and proofreading for major mobile brands and operating systems. This includes voice recognition and hotel entertainment software, other than medical; social networking; sports, and music apps.

Italian Legal Translation

My legal translation experience focuses on translating a wide range of documents of varying sizes for clients in Italy, United Kingdom and other European countries. Typical legal documentation includes websites Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy agreements.


My portfolio