Sara dealt with challenging translations that involved critical judgement and technical knowledge. I would gladly work with her again.
Simona T., Senior Italian Translator, Future Publishing

My experience for an international media group and leading digital publisher focused on localising and proofreading its world-famous cycling website containing articles from bike and kit reviews, cycling related technology, bike maintenance tips and guides to make any necessary repairs.

Translation for this project needed to be friendly, precise and, above all, SEO-oriented. This means that the localisation process requires to be conducted concurrently with search engine optimisation and relevant keywords selection in order to help the readers to find their way during their research process and to help the website to rank well in search engines.

Word economy is one of the main challenges when translating websites and often Italian language is not on translator’s side as text volume is usually more verbose if compared to English. This could be seen in articles’ headings. At times translation is very similar to the original text, other times it needs some slight variations to both fit and stand out.

Giant Propel Advanced 3 -> Giant, la nuova Propel Advanced 3 Workshop: Top tips for the road bike home mechanic -> Manutenzione e pulizia della bici da corsa What not to eat when you’re training -> Alimentazione e ciclismo, i dieci errori da evitare

Adapting and modifying an article to suit a specific audience is one of the goals of localisation, then editorial output is quite essential here. As said above, scannable content and targeted keywords not only help readers to focus better while reading but also to enhance the website traffic. Let’s look at this in an extract from a bike review.

Ritchey’s aluminium cockpit is as solid and reliable as ever, but its WCS Apex carbon clincher wheels proved a pleasant surprise. These feature Reynolds Assault rims, Ritchey’s TriFecta spoke pattern and WCS sealed bearing hubs, and are well matched to the Bond, with speed, stability and predictable handling. The Challenge tyres mix file and ridged treads to good effect, exploiting their supple carcasses and resilience for excellent security on filthy, wet country roads.

Il cockpit Ritchey in alluminio conferma la sua tradizione all’insegna della resistenza e dell’efficienza e le ruote per copertoncino WCS Apex in carbonio con cerchi Reynolds Assault, raggiatura TriFecta e mozzi con cuscinetti sigillati WCS sono risultate una piacevole sorpresa in termini di velocità, stabilità e maneggevolezza. Il battistrada e la speciale carcassa degli pneumatici Challenge offrono inoltre un’eccellente protezione su strade di campagna umide e fangose.