Sara was consistently able to deliver a high standard of work, demonstrating good attention to detail and commitment. She was also a quick learner, as she rapidly mastered the software used by Future.
Simona T., Senior Italian Translator, Future Publishing

Introduzione al Cross Training (Get into Cross Training in English)  is an essential guide to improve one’s fitness, whatever the level of experience.

The bookazine features a wide variety of challenging exercises and workouts to do at gym or at home, detailed descriptions and pictures to ensure the correct performance, a comprehensive list of fitness classes and… loads of exercise acronyms and fitness jargon. The most of this specific terminology is used in Italian as well in English, and in many occasions it is interchangeable with the Italian variant; in other cases the English term does not have a direct translation and it needs a bit of explanation. Let’s look at some practical examples:

Squat -> Squat
Burpee -> Burpee
Pilates -> Pilates

Lunge <-> Affondo
Deadlift <-> Stacco da terra
Hot Yoga <-> Yoga caldo

Box jump -> “Salto della scatola” o “Salto sul cubo”
Muscle up (MU) -> Trazione seguita da una flessione
Toes to bar (TTB, T2B) -> “Piedi alla sbarra”, trazioni con piedi alla sbarra
AMRAP -> “As Many Rounds As Possible”, il maggior numero di ripetizioni possibili

In addition to this, the magazine contains the best tips to swim, run and cycle with confidence, nutritional and conditioning advice plus a couple of mouth-watering recipes. Recipes are instructive texts, which means that the readers have a list of easy and efficient instructions to follow in order to reach their goal.
The tone of the translation could be more or less effective by means of infinite or imperative constructions. Although widely used, the infinitve form could decrease reader involvement rather than the imperative form, which is clearly aimed at the user and suggests an effective type of instruction. Below is an example from a roast veggie pasta recipe:

Put pasta on plates and top with roasted vegetables and cheese. -> Impiattate la pasta, aggiungete le verdure grigliate e spolverizzate con del formaggio grattugiato.